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Bishops' Offices
Children and Young People
Church and Society
Common Tenure
Church Buildings Office (DAC)
Diocesan Secretary
Mission and Unity
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Worship and Ministry

Archdeacons' Offices


The Acting Archdeacon of Barnstaple
The Venerable Mike Edson 01271 375475
Email the Archdeacon

The Archdeacon of Barnstaple's Personal Assistant
Jacque Ward 01271 375475
Email Jacque Ward
This office is open from 9am-1pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

The Archdeacon of Exeter
The Venerable Christopher Futcher 01392 425577
Email the Archdeacon

The Archdeacon of Exeter's Personal Assistant
Peter Colebrook 01392 425577
Email Peter Colebrook
This office is open from 8.30am-2pm, Monday-Thursday

The Archdeacon of Plymouth
The Venerable Ian Chandler 01752 202401
Email the Archdeacon

The Archdeacon of Plymouth's Personal Assistant
Ashley Mason 01752 202401
Email Ashley Mason
This office is open 9.30am-1pm, Monday to Thursday

The Acting Archdeacon of Totnes
The Venerable Clive Cohen 01626 832064
Email the Archdeacon

The Archdeacon of Totnes' Personal Assistant
Claire Sherlock 01626 832064
Email Claire Sherlock
This office is open from 9am-12.30pm, Monday-Thursday

Bishops' Offices

The Bishop of Exeter
Rt Rev Robert Atwell: 01392 272362

Email the Bishop

Episcopal Vicar and Chaplain
The Revd Dr Adrian Hough
Email Adrian Hough

The Bishop of Exeter's Personal Assistant
Sarah Johnson 01392 272362
Email Sarah Johnson

Bishop's Adviser on Women's Ministry
The Revd Canon Jane Wilson 01398 332135
Email Jane Wilson

The Bishop of Crediton
The Rt Revd Nick McKinnel 01884 250002
Email the Bishop

The Bishop of Crediton's Personal Assistant
Barbara Offord 01884 250002
Email Barbara Offord

The Bishop of Plymouth


The Bishop of Plymouth's Personal Assistant
Helen Louise 01752 500059
Email Helen Louise

Children and Young People

Director of Education, Youth and Children’s Work
Philip Mantell 01392 294950
Email Philip Mantell

Executive Assistant
Lynne Sargeant 01392 294950
Email Lynne Sargeant

Administrator for Governance
Sarah Owen 01392 294938
Email Sarah Owen

Fran Bradley 01392 294921
Email Fran Bradley

Children’s Work Adviser
Katherine Lyddon 01392 294937
Email Katherine Lyddon

Youth Work Adviser
Paul Reisbach 01392 294932
Email Paul Reisbach

Youth Church Adviser
The Revd James Grier 07825 610288
Email James Grier

School Admissions and Governance Adviser
Christina Mabin 01392 294939
Email Christina Mabin

HE and FE Chaplaincy Adviser
The Rev Cate Edmonds 01392 294933
Email Cate Edmonds

Diocesan Education Officer
Penny Burnside 01392 294942
Email Penny Burnside

Diocesan Education Officer
Fr Richard Maudsley 01392 294961
Email Richard Maudsley

Diocesan Education Officer
Tatiana Wilson 01392 294941
Email Tatiana Wilson

St Christopher's Multi Academy Trust
Academy Project Officer
Janine Waring 01392 294923
Email Janine Waring

Church and Society

Director of Church and Society
Martyn Goss 01392 294924
Email Martyn Goss

Administrative Secretary
Joan Harris 01392 294940
Email Joan Harris

Social Responsibility Officer, Fairtrade and Faith in Action
Sally Farrant 01392 294918 
Email Sally Farrant

Common Tenure

Contact your archdeacon and/or the Human Resources Director Catherine Allen
Catherine Allen 01392 345908
Email Catherine Allen



Director and Bishop’s Press Officer
Rebecca Paveley 01392 294905/01392 294919
Email Rebecca Paveley

Digital Media Officer
John Moxon 01392 294904
Email John Moxon

Publications Officer
Rev Nicky Davies 01392 294915
Email Nicky Davies


For Yearbook and all contact changes
Janet Goddard 01392 294900
Email Janet Goddard

Church Buildings Office

Senior Church Buildings Adviser and Diocesan Advisory Committee Secretary
Louise Bartlett 01392 294944
Email Louise Bartlett

Church Buildings Adviser and Secretary to the Church Buildings Strategy Committee
Eve Van der Steen 01392 294945
Email Eve Van der Steen

Diocesan Secretary

Diocesan Secretary
Mark Beedell 01392 294910
Email Mark Beedell


Director of Finance
Neil Williams 01392 294925
Email Neil Williams

Accounts Manager
Raymond Twohig 01392 294913
Email Raymond Twohig

Finance Manager
Michelle Clark 01392 294925
Email Michelle Clark

Finance Officer 
Ian Halliday 01392 294917
Email Ian Halliday

Finance Assistant
Cathy Thorne 01392 294914
Email Cathy Thorne
Finance Assistant
Jessica Phillips 01392 294916
Email Jessica Phillips

Mission and Unity

Diocesan Missioner
The Revd Canon Anna Norman-Walker 01392 294903
Email Anna Norman-Walker


Chaplain among Deaf People
The Revd Catherine Carlyon 01363 772163
Email Catherine Carlyon

Mission Resources Adviser
Katie Roscorla 01392 272686
Email Katie Roscorla

Overseas Development Officer
Chas Deacon  01392 272686
Email Chas Deacon

Pastoral Committee

Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Secretary
Alistair Sutherland 01392 294910
Email Alistair Sutherland

Property Services

Property Services Manager
Graham Davies 01392 294954
Email Graham Davies

Secretary and Administrator
Judith Feltham 01392 294954
Email Judith Feltham

Administrator – Education
Peter Armstrong 01392 294952
Email Peter Armstrong

Diocesan Surveyor (Education)
Jason Down 01392 294952
Email Jason Down

Diocesan Surveyor (Education)
Richard Power 01392 294952
Email Richard Power

Schools Funding Adviser
Raymond Twohig 01392 294952
Email Raymond Twohig

Diocesan Surveyor (Clergy housing)
Mark Lewis 01392 294954
Email Mark Lewis

Diocesan Surveyor (Clergy housing)
Peter Stanton 01392 294954
Email Peter Stanton


Safeguarding Adviser
Simon Tickner 01392 345909
Email Simon Tickner

Assistant Safeguarding Adviser
Sarah Miller 01392 345910
Email Sarah Miller

DBS Co-ordinator
Claire Sherlock 01626 832064
Email Claire Sherlock

Director of Human Resources
Catherine Allen 01392 345908
Email Catherine Allen

 Synod Office

Assistant Diocesan Secretary
Ed Moffatt 01392 294928
Email Ed Moffatt

Executive Assistant
Sara Ashton 01392 294931
Email Sara Ashton

Peter Gee 01392 294911
Email Peter Gee

Executive Officer
Hannah Cross 01392 272686
Email Hannah Cross

Executive Officer
Sophie Nicholson
Email Sophie Nicholson

Worship and Ministry

Mission Community Ministry Development Adviser
Andrew Godsall
Email Andrew Godsall

Readers’ Administrator
Peter Colebrook 01392 294907
Email Peter Colebrook 

The Pioneer Disciple Course Leader

Education for Discipleship (SWMTC)
Dr Tim Gibson
Email Tim Gibson

Diocesan Consultant for Liturgy and Music
Andrew Maries 01884 34389
Email Andrew Maries


Director of Ordinands
The Revd Becky Totterdell 01392 477702
Email Becky Totterdell

Louise Spencer 01392 477702
Email Louise Spencer

Vocations Officer
Revd Philip Sourbut 01392 817296
Email Philip Sourbut






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