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Shaping our future together

11 October 2012


THE Diocese of Exeter remains commmitted to its mission: "That every human community in Devon has a praying,
worshipping and witnessing Christian presence, working to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to bring that community’s life into the kingdom of God;and that everyone has the opportunity to engage with the fullness of the Church’s life locally” (Moving on in Mission and Ministry). But given the difficult economic climate, the diocese of Exeter - in common with households, businesses and charities around the world - has to look at how it can best support its churches across Devon on its limited resources.

Strategic plan for the Diocese

The Bishops conducted an extensive consultation last year, in person and online. The results produced is known as a mission action plan for the diocese and can be downloaded here.

In summary, it commits the missions communities of the diocese to seven priorities:

1. Evangelism - drawing people into fellowship with Jesus Christ

2. Discipleship - developing and deepening discipleship

3. Vocations - encouraging and nurturing people's vocations

4. Ministry and Leadership - developing leadership skills and establishing effective ministry teams

5. Working within the local community

6. Stewardship of finances and buildings

7 Creating an effective mission community for each local community in the diocese

2013 Budget

The Budget as approved by synod can be downloaded below, in a full version or a summary.

Budget 2013

Budget Summary 2013

 Central Services

Following on from the Mission Action plan, a new document was drawn together to prioritise the work carried out by central services. The document looks at how central services can best support the delivery of the seven priorities for mission communities. It was approved by synod in March 2013 and can be downloaded here.



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